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Welcome to Dansville Primary School! 

Our school is the first stop as we are home to half-day 3PK, full-day 4PK, Kindergarten, First and Second grade.   Our motto is Learn, Lead, Achieve.  Our faculty, staff, and parents know that the early years have a significant influence on a child’s future success in school.  We focus on supporting the academic, social-emotional, and physical development of all students through a team approach.  

A developmental and workshop approach to learning is followed in DPS as the goal is to match instruction and activities to students’ development and individual needs.  Therefore, teachers employ strategies adapted to students’ learning styles, levels of development as well as needs and interests while capitalizing on the youngsters’ spontaneity and intellectual excitement.  

We are a Leader in Me school, so all students receive instruction on Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  Additionally, all students participate in a morning meeting in the classroom which builds social skills and helps to set a tone for respectful and engaged learning in the classroom community. 

We greatly value the school community and provide opportunities throughout the year for families to visit, volunteer, and attend school events.  The principal and teacher newsletters will provide more detailed information about these opportunities.


Melissa Goho

Primary School Principal

Carrie Tubbs

PS Secretary, Registrar

Lauren Learn

PS Secretary, 504 Secretary