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PS Student Lighthouse Club

DPS Student Lighthouse Team

A Student Lighthouse Team Member at DPS is a person who is currently in K-2nd grade who sets a good example and leads their peers with positive choices. They will play an important role in our student body and have many responsibilities with various activities throughout the year.  

This team is accountable for organizing and participating in Leadership Assemblies, communicating school events and service projects, promoting school spirit, leading tours, promoting and recognizing application of the 7 Habits, and updating the community. They are encouraged to identify and appreciate leadership qualities among their peers to assist in enlisting grade-level peers for projects and celebrate teamwork.

If you you have any questions feel free to contact Joie Petrillo at (585) 335-4040 ext. 2132



Staff and students in the auditorium raise hands, looking at the screen.
A staff member holds a microphone for two students near the stage.
3 young students standing with other students outside on the football field.
Staff members and young students gathered in a auditorium.
Student on a bunny costume doing an activity on the football field.
Two young students on a horse costume doing an activity on football field.
Large group of young students sitting in rows and standing in a row on football field.
Staff member holding microphone for young student near stage.
Young student in costume greeting students on field.