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STEAM Lab with Ms. Petrillo

You are probably wondering what the STEAM Lab is. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. DPS transitioned from the traditional computer class to a STEAM Lab format. Now you may ask what is going to be happening in the lab that's different from a computer class. The lab is a place where students can create a collaborative learning environment, including project-based STEAM activities. The Lab is a place where they will become empowered learners. They will be using and learning technology as well; they will be learning how to use technology as an educational resource and not solely as a fun way to play games. Students will learn about digital citizenship, and how to be responsible with and on the devices they will be using. These are all real-life skills that they will take with them back into their classroom, into elementary school, high school, and beyond. Students will be able to gain a deeper understanding of STEAM topics, aligned with ISTE and NEXT Gen standards.

Joie Petrillo

STEAM Teaching Assistant
Primary School

In the STEAM Lab we...


What is Happening in the PS STEAM Lab